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Dee Why Bowling & Recreation Club Limited Plans for the Future



Since the AGM of 2018 your board have been working diligently to get the club on a positive footing as well as plan for the future. We all now should be aware that the board took steps to reverse the club’s trading losses into positive by cutting cost where possible. With falling bowls membership and changes outside of our club pertaining to bowls it was necessary based on costs to reduce our greens from 3 to 2 which has given the club a much needed financial boost. This has not impacted on the weekly and competition bowls held at the club.



WE also tried where possible to reduce costs inside the club with the cleaning budget being reduced by 8 K per year as well as making sure that all services such as water, power and gas are on the best contracts. We have solar panels on the roof which work to their capacity and based on today’s process would now save the club in excess of 10K per annum. We have also installed some new poker machines which has improved our bottom line as well as the bar revenue seeing an improvement on last year’s figures. 



After many meetings as well as members meetings the feeling among many is that the club should sell the land to the council and rent it back on a 20 year lease (this is the maximum lease available).  Unfortunately we have not been able to get any answer from the council as yet but we are continuing this endeavour so as to exhaust all avenues on behalf of members.



We have also been working on options for use of one of the greens (namely no 1) and have varied interest. We will continue to work with interested parties to try and see what may be in the best interest of the club and members as well as securing a positive financial return to the club.


With all this in mind the board held a planning session a couple of weeks ago to try and work through all the options as well as trying to decide (based on budget constraints) what renovations need to be made to improve the aesthetics of the clubhouse. We are seeking quotes to improve the poker machine room and then move to the bar area with painting and modernisation of the bar area.



With the future at the forefront of the board’s consideration we also discussed the possibility of amalgamation which may give the club a new lease of life as well as deliver the services not achieved in the past due to financial constraints. With this in the forefront of our minds it was decided to place an EOI (expression of interest) out to the market place through Clubs NSW for any club’s wishing to amalgamate with us. If any clubs are interested your board will start discussions with those interested parties. Your board has a list of criteria they wish to achieve and any decisions will not be made without a due process in place.



It should be noted that the final decision regarding the sale of the club’s land or amalgamation with another club rests with the members. Any proposal by the board for the sale or amalgamation will be taken to an extraordinary general meeting for the members final decision.



We hope everyone takes the time to process this information and look at all options that may come to the table. Your board only have the club’s long term interests at heart. Please feel free to ask questions of your board or management which will be answered honestly and with any information at hand at the time. We look forward to the future and the possibilities that may await us so please get on board and give us your support


On behalf of the Board of Directors

Bill Minnett