Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1. What are the next stages and likely timescales?


1. Due diligence has been completed.

2. Letter sent to all members advising of a meeting Wednesday 9th February.

3. Members of DYBC have approved the proposal to amalgamate.

4. Members of Manly Leagues have approved the proposal to amalgamate. 

5. Work is underway to:
     5.1 submissions to the regulatory authorities such as Liquor and Gaming

     5.2 document and agree the rules of the Dee Why Bowling Club Advisory Committee

     5.3 document and agree the rules of the Dee Why Bowls Sub Club that will operate and             manage the game of bowls at the site

6. The timescale for regulatory approval is unknown but could take 2-4 months.


Q2. How is the status of the core property of DYBC maintained?


The core property of DYBC becomes the core property of the amalgamated club. There are frequent references in the MOU stating the intention to continue trading and preserve the club and bowling facilities for 10 years. An additional protection is that current financial DYBC members will be recognised as former members of DYBC and only those members will be entitled to vote on matters requiring member approval in relation to sale or disposal of core property or major assets.

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