Potential Amalgamation

Why Consider Amalgamation.

With monthly payments due on the loan, and potentially expensive repairs and maintenance on our ageing clubhouse, the long term sustainability of the club cannot be guaranteed with current volunteer membership resources.


The aims of the potential amalgamation are to guarantee the future of the club through:

  • Increased financial backing and reduced administrative cost through economies of scale

  • Additional management and other personnel to maximise the potential of the site


If you have a question, please contact a Board Member or email manager@dybowling.com.au

Click here for Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Things are falling into place with the amalgamation and current expectations are that it will be completed about the end of the financial year,30 June 2022. Corporation law does not allow clubs to automatically join new members, so Members will be invited to join the amalgamated club. We encourage all members to join as they will be recognised as former DYBC members, which confers special voting rights with respect to decisions on the Fisher rd site being core property.

Amalgamation Reports

Update Letter 8-4-22 click here

Memorandum of Understanding - MOU click here

(If a hard copy is required please contact the club)

Notice re Club Amalgamation click here

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